Saturday 20h January - Entries are now full and we are unable to accept any more entries for this show. Next Arena Eventing Date Sat/Sun 3rd & 4th February 

PARKING - Please use the Hard-Standing Parking- FOLLOW THE HARD-STANDING PARKING SIGNS which take you behind the Main All-weather arena (Please drive with care when passing the arena) Please park further on inside the hard-standing parking as lorries were blocking the drive through at the last show. When using the Hard-Standing parking please exit out the other end of the Farmyard and turn right onto the lane which will take you back to the Main A29 Road so there is a ONE-WAY- SYSTEM, Do not go out the way you came in.  Please do not leave any rubbish or dropping in the farmyard   

Dress: Cross-county colours or show-jumping jacket can be worn   Body protectors are compulsory.  Crash hats to be worn, no fixed peak SJ hats.

A Drawn order with Indivdual times has been allocated to all competitors which will show on the Times page of Coombelands Website from Midday the day before the show  PLEASE NOTE YOUR COMPETITOR NUMBER AND INDIVIDUAL TIME

PLEASE JUMP IN THIS ORDER AND BE WARMED UP AND READY TO GO IN THE RING AT YOUR ALLOCATED TIME. We have limited Daylight hours.  Please do not miss your allocated Slot as this may result in not being able to jump.  You do not need to check in with the secretary unless you need to re check your time or number just let the ring steward know you are there on arrival into the practice arena.  Waist numbers do not have to be worn just remember your number so you can tell the ring steward. 

RULES: Classes will be run under single phase rules so from the start to the finish of the Simulated XC fences  will be timed to decide the placings. The Course is made up of SJ and Simulated XC Fences with an optimum time and no style marks. Riders will Jump a series of Show Jumps and then proceed immediately into the XC phase which is run on an optimum time of 325m - 350Mper minute. Jumping penalties have priority over time faults – so unlike Arena Eventing (Jws) Ideally you need to go clear to win.  The Distance is Wheeled on an INSIDE LINE

Rosettes 1st-10th for Individuals, Teams to be decided on the day. Double Clear rosettes will be given for all clears, please pick these up from the secretaries at the end of the class

Course walks - will be before the start of each class. CLASS 3 has a very quick 2 mins course walk threequaters of the way through the class to a assist riders at the end of the class. Please note this is a very quick course walk. The Main Course walk is before the Class.

Results. - please view your times and results in the secretaries after the class. Please do not text or email me for results after the show as they are available to view on the day





If you experience any difficulties viewing your times or would like support please call 07798 626075. View your FREE Online Entries Account via your own account in MyRidingLife.com where you can track your Entries, Times & Results at any time.


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